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Fall Recipe: Bacon and Butternut Pasta

When it comes to comfort foods, pasta is on nearly everyone’s list. And while a lot of pasta recipes call for an overload of fat and sodium, you don’t have to sacrifice your health to enjoy this fall recipe for Bacon and Butternut Pasta. Try it on a meal day and enjoy!  ...

Better Body Fall Recipe

For many people, the beginning of fall means one thing: food, and lots of it. As the leaves begin to change and the air becomes cool and crisp, we all turn to our favorite fall comfort foods. The delicious flavors of the season are hard to resist, but often come in meals heavy in...

GSS: Easy Protein

We’re in the home stretch now. It’s almost the last week of the Get Slim for Summer Campaign, and you’re feeling good. Your waistline is smaller than it’s been in ages, and the pounds continue to drop off. You do a double-take every time you look in the mirror, and your friends...

Physical Transformation Spotlight – Kathy

At Yoli, we receive a constant stream of testimonials from the many people who have experienced a physical transformation on the Better Body System (BBS). We love hearing about all of the weight that has been lost and the lives that have been regained during these inspiring...

GSS: Healthy Barbecue Recipes

The days are heating up and the barbecue grills are coming out for the summer. It’s time to fire up the grill and cook up your favorite summer foods. In anticipation of Memorial Day weekend, we have scoured our favorite recipe sites and come up with a few barbecue recipes that...

Tips to Get Slim for Summer

Have you started your journey to Get Slim for Summer? We began this campaign last week, so some of you may still be waiting for your transformation kit to arrive. Others of you may have not ordered your kit yet, but it’s not too late! Join us in our quest to have a beach-ready...

Get Slim for Summer With the Better Body System

Did someone say beach season?! Every spring, the rising temperatures and sunny days bring a new reminder that the yearly ritual is about to begin. Many of you are likely about to embark on this very journey. You know, the one where you can’t fathom the idea of lying out on the...

Valentine’s Weekend Menu

We hope the Yoli Nation had a great Valentine’s Day. We know you’ll be celebrating all weekend with your loved ones, so we’ve put together a romantic menu of delicious and healthy recipes for you to try! Click here to download a copy of the Valentine’s...

BBR Employee Spotlight – Bailly

We chose Bailly for our last spotlight because we were so impressed with how prepared and dedicated she is to the BBS lifestyle. Bailly was always the one walking around the office reminding people to get their protein, or helping answer questions about what is acceptable on the...

BBR – Avoiding Common Pitfalls on the Better Body System

Have you recently joined the Better Body Resolution? Starting the Better Body System, especially for those who are new to it, can be quite the challenge, although definitely worth it and quite easy to get accustomed to once you get in the groove. If you have already started the...