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Stronger Together

As you transform your life during the Better Body Resolution, you may find yourself thinking that you’re doing it on your own. But while it’s your efforts that will ultimately make the biggest difference, having people that support you can help a lot. Here’s why your support...

GSS – How to Make it Easier

If you’re participating in Get Slim for Summer with us, you probably know that transforming your life physically comes with a challenge or two. Here are some tips to make it easier! Plan ahead. Planning ahead is the best way to make transforming your life easier. Life has a way...

Cultivating Healthy Habits

When it comes to cultivating healthy habits, most of us have the best of intentions. But in a world rife with distraction and temptation, it’s not always easy to maintain these good habits over a long period of time! Fortunately, there are a few tricks that will help you along...

Putting it All Together

Whether you’re just starting on the Better Body System or have been using Yoli products for years, you may have questions about how to get the best results on the system. This post will help answer some of your questions and pull everything together so you’re prepared to adapt to...