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Stronger Together

As you transform your life during the Better Body Resolution, you may find yourself thinking that you’re doing it on your own. But while it’s your efforts that will ultimately make the biggest difference, having people that support you can help a lot. Here’s why your support...

Caffeine-Free Kits

Last week, we talked about caffeine and the role it plays in the Better Body System. Today, we want to talk about our expanded options of caffeine-free Transformation Kits for those of you who would prefer to avoid caffeine as you transform your life! Transformation Kits The...

7 Tips to Help You With Your Transformation

Transforming your life physically can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to make it easier. Here are seven tips to help you with your transformation! Eat when you’re hungry. It’s hard to stay motivated to transform your life when you’re...

How Yoli Kits Work Together

Yoli Kits are designed to help you reach your health goals. While they’re great on their own, they’re also great when they work together! How Yoli Kits Work Together There are a lot of aspects involved in your physical health. Your nutrition, your metabolism, the amount of sleep...

The Power of Pure

Our probiotic supplement, Pure, is one of our most popular products. In fact, we think it’s so important that it’s included in every Transformation Kit. So what makes it such a powerful part of working toward optimal health? Read on to find out! Probiotics We tend to think of...

Managing Your Transformation

Transforming your life physically has its challenges, so this article is designed to help you learn how to manage your transformation and give you the best opportunity to succeed! Plan ahead. Life has a way of interfering with healthy living, and the best way to handle that is to...

Resting From Your Transformation

After you’ve finished with first Transformation Kit, you may be wondering what comes next. This post will take you through your options so you can make the best decision for yourself! Another Transformation Kit If you haven’t reached your weight loss goals, you may want to...

Emotional Transformation

  Did you know that your physical health and your emotional health are strongly connected? As one improves, the other will follow suit. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true and neglecting one will harm the other, so it’s important to take care of both! That’s why at Yoli,...
Yoli Leaderboads

Leaderboards for October-December 2014: Top 10

2014 was an amazing year for Yoli! We’ve experienced so much growth over the past twelve months, and we’re grateful to all of you who made it possible. Our ability to transform so many lives is due to our incredible leaders, who demonstrate their dedication at every turn. Here...